Welcome to Our New On-Line Church Pictorial Directory. This directory is password protected and will require you to know the correct password in order to access it. It also requires that you have Adobe Reader, a free program, which is available for download by clicking HERE if you do not already have it.

Once you have Adobe Reader installed on your system, click on the link BELOW to access our new On-Line Church Pictorial Directory. You will be prompted to either open the file or save the PDF file to your computer, depending on your browser configuration.

To view our New On-Line Church Directory, click VIEW CHURCH DIRECTORY HERE.

Telephone numbers and email addresses for individual families are ONLY visible through the mobile app {see below}. These are purposely blocked in the above version of our directory.

If for some reason you experience problems with viewing our on-line directory, please Contact the Electronic Assests Coordinator and let him know so that he can work on getting the problem corrected.

If you’re a member of our church family and have a desire to be able to view our directory on your smart phone device, contact the web administrator for assistance. He will assist you in getting the mobile app downloaded on your individual smart phone device.